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Art festivals,  pop up markets & events!

This small business has been hijacked by breast cancer.

I would like to invite you to a benefit my friends are holding in my honor. It is also a celebration of community, friends and family getting through this crazy thing called life together!

Saturday May 20th, 2023
10 Bridge Avenue West
Delano, MN 55328
RSVP only if you would like a dinner. $30 adult / Kids $5

The event is free to attend
Fundraising is through the Pulled Pork Dinner 4pm till out
Beverages by Small Lots Wine & Spirits
Plant Sale 4-7pm hosted by Natures Nest & Riverbend Farm
Silent Auction 4-8pm filled with amazing ART, experiences & baskets
& a CAKE WALK (bring a cake if you wish)!

With live music opening jam Jammers Regan and Mitch Johnson (The Johnson Brothers)
followed by Open Jam time (bring an instrument!)
China Rider 6-8pm &

Will Effertz Collective ending the night.
with Will Effertz, Kevin Fowke & Kelly Cook (Twine),
Jon Miller (Feed the Dog) & Harrison Olk (High and Rising)

& more!

Just for fun A HAT ~ WIG ~ Hair ~ No Hair Parade all are welcome to join!

I thank my Grandma Flicek in heaven for nudging me to

get a mammogram. 

November 29th I had my first mammogram. 

Between then and now
it has been a whirlwind of many doctors appointments: zoom in mammograms, biopsies, MRI, consultations, a bilateral mastectomy February 7th, physical therapy, chemotherapy treatments, healing and many emotions. Reconstructive surgery will happen in July.

What a journey... I dubbed it, "My dance with cancer."
Ever since I was a child if something is related to dancing I can wrap my head around it. This clicked when my aunt Angie taught me to drive a stick shift. "It's like a dance." So I am trying to dance through this positively and mostly have.

As Spring came along, I have been fighting my emotions and feelings of guilt. I have not been able to work regularly in the studio. Take my boobs, fine, but there have been other repercussions I have been working carefully with. Lymphedema is a possible side effect from taking lymph nodes from under the arm. Lymphedema is a heaviness, swelling of the arm that can be managed once you get it but never really goes away. A way to prevent it is to not use your arm in repetitive motion as you heal. When I first heard this my eyes got very wide and my mind spun, all of the jewelry creating I do uses my arm in repetitive motion. I have been being very cautious of healing correctly, working carefully with a physical therapist because I want to continue the work I do for years to come. 

This is a different year. And I have to give myself grace to heal. But IT IS SO HARD!!! I write with tears that come so easily as I just want to be heading off to all of my shows!  

Last year I participated in 25 art shows.
This year I am hoping
I can prepare for 4 this year.

If you would like to continue to follow along with my dance with breast cancer I have been sharing on my instagram and Facebook pages. 

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