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Like this design? Please ask me about stones I have in my collection!


Feather Collection

Sterling silver, copper and Turquoise

Size 5

Turquoise measures 3/4" x 1/2"

Band 1/4" width at back


We give thanks for our blessings from the sky and our angels that are by our side. Feathers have so much symbolic meaning to our connection to the divine. A powerful but elegant symbol of our own inner strength to lift ourselves beyond our own placed mental limits. With our angels by our side we can do this crazy world!


Band is a hand forged and textured sterling silver feather.

The turquoise in this ring was from my travels West. Found in a rock shop on the Oregon coast. A treasure from my adventures. What adventures will you take it on?


Like this design but not your size? Ask me about stones I have in hand.

Feather with Turquoise Ring (size 5)

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