Buckeye & copper

sterling silver ear wires

All approximately 3" long


These Buckeye Shells have been rolling around my studio! 


Late September, early October is the time to go on the Buckeye hunt before they’re squirreled away for winter.  


When the boys were little we had a little red peddle tractor and trailer my mom and I had found at a garage sale. Logan would peddle it down the street and we would load the trailer with the smooth shiny Buckeye nuts, also known as horse chestnuts, from the corner house’s tree. 


One year I drilled a bunch of them and strung them on twine. It made the prettiest garland. I found out the next morning, it made a very easy hunt for a neighborhood squirrel.


I miss having my three boys toddling beside me. To my mother’s with young children, I know you hear it often, I know it can be a tiresome moment but do take in those curious years. They are a treasure to behold.

Treasure Walk