Rooted in Hope Tree Series

Sterling silver & Lake Superior Agate


Length 2”width  3/4”h

on sterling silver 16” reverse rope chain


It always amazes me when I see a tree take root in the cracks between rocks. To me, it signifies hope. Hope that we can can grow strong in even the hardest conditions. Hope that we dig in our roots & find the fertile ground to thrive in.


Paired with this Lake Superior Agate adds another layer of hope. The beauty and banding of this agate come from the mixing of different minerals and their slight impurities affect the colors we see. A lesson in nature and my hope that we can see the beauty in blending and honoring our differences as humans. We have so far to go. But I have hope. 🙏🏼


Lake Superior Agate cut and cabbed by Abby @northernravenstudio in Duluth, MN.portartists

Rooted in Hope Tree Series