1 & 5) Sterling silver with Haitian clay bead. $30

The beads have a special story. It began with my friend Cathy starting a non profit educating sustainable farming both here in the USA and abroad. Her longtime childhood friend Diane began journeying along to teach the women how to source clay from their fields, build wood fired kilns for firing and how to create beads, ornaments and other items. Allowing the women a source of income and way to provide for their families. The beads can hold a drop of essential oils for aromatherapy!


2) Copper with birch bark texture, created with the fold form technique. (This is a technique taught in one of my workshops if you ever would like guidance! It's a great design element!)fold form rectangles with texture. $40


3) Copper stamped & forged diamond shaped $30


4) Copper long dangles $30


6) Sterling silver triangle dangles with birch bark texture. $30


7) Sterling silver circles with copper dangle $40


8) Copper forged circles $40

Earrings! $30-40