Hey All! Thank you for joining me on this beautiful journey.

Every earring is made with LOVE & Imbued with as much happy lucky energy as I can pack in!


I saw out, texture, forge, sand, oxidize & polish each one or some combination of this. The earrings are all very light weight. I like to dance a lot and don't want to be weighted down!  Also because I like to dance, run, ski, garden, I make the locking sterling silver earwires. No sense in loosing a favorite earring while having fun!


I am forever grateful for where I am right now. Pursuing my passion came out of a crazy series of doors closing and new doors opening in college leading me to this moment. 


This sale is dedicated to my Jeep Commander that I use to get all my heavy gear to and from sales. My Jeep needs a little loving attention so why not have an earring sale!


I price more on my time, than on the size for these. So I have broke up the earrings into different sections of pricing to the amount of time I put into each!  This grouping are all $30.


Thank you & much love, 



#1 Sterling Silver Butterflies (small) 3/4" x 3/4"

#2 Sterling silver Triangles 1 14" x 5/8"

#3 Sterling silver Long Dangles 2" length x 1/4" width

#4 Brass Medium Butterflies  1"x1"

#5 Sterling Silver Triangles 1 14" x 5/8"

#6 Sterling Silver Rectangles, Sheets of Ice texture, 3/4" x 1/2" 

#7 Copper Small Birch Bark Rectangles 3/4" x 1/4"

#8 Sterling Silver Long Oval Hoops Light reflecting shimmer texture, 2 1/4" x 1"

#9 Copper Medium Birch Bark Rectangles 1" x 7/8"

#10 Copper Hoops with sun burst texture, 1" x 1"

#11 Sterling Silver Dangle in Medium length 1 1/4" x 1/4"

#12 Copper Circles Dappled texture & forged 5/8"

#13 Sterling silver Medium Butterflies 1" x 1"

#14 Sterling silver Rectangle with dappled texture top 2/3rds, lined texture bottom 1/3rd, just shy of 1" x 3/4"

#15 Sterling silver circle Hoops with light catching shimmer texture. 1 3/4" 

#16 Copper Birch Bark Rectangles, 1" x 1/4" 

#17 Sterling silver Oval Hoops with light catching shimmer texture. 1 3/4" x 1 1/2"


Many are one offs, please feel free to request if your style is sold out. Expect a month turn around at the moment. Thank you! Sarah



Earrings $30

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