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Made with Love
Artist Statement

My metal work tells a little of my story.

It is a convergence of my love of learning, tinkering,
exploring and challenging myself through the skills of 
metal smithing and the knowledge of the medium.
It answers my innate need to be precise and 
the freedom and creativity of being an artist.

It is a reflection of my love for Life and Nature.
The strength, delicateness, textures, colors, lines and repetitions found in 
the sparkling of water, waves of oats, and limbs of trees,
continually amazes and inspires my work.

And if my creations can make another person smile; that’s really what it’s all about.

A friend once knitted a prayer shawl for me.
While she knitted the shawl, she prayed for my family’s strength to endure 
the sadness that came with a loss of a loved one.

I believe I have always snuck in a well wish and/or prayer for the wearer of my pieces.  
But since receiving the prayer shawl, I have definitely been more intentional 
about adding prayer and intentions for the wearer of my work.  

My hope as an artist
is to create a perfectly unique piece of art that reflects
your personal story with a bit of my artistry.

And so I confess. Made with love,
Sarah Flicek

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